We believe wholeheartedly, that churches must be willing to multiply to complete the Great Commission.  We are more passionate about the gospel flourishing in our city and in the world than we are about our church growing as big as possible as fast as possible.  As a result, we are committed to reproducing other like-minded churches by sending out our some of our best to plant new churches or revitalize dying churches.  In the end we believe this will ultimately help us reach more people for Christ in a healthy way than if we solely pour our resources into King's Cross.  

In reality, this model is how our congregation came into being, as we are a church plant out of Freedom Church in Lincolnton, NC.  Freedom has graciously given of their finances, personnel, and time to help forge King's Cross in Greensboro. 

In addition to Freedom Church, we are partnered with the following congregations:

King's Cross also partners with the following Church Planting and Resourcing Organization:

Our denominational partners include: