A downtown church plant seeking to be
as we follow after CHRIST.

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The United States Census Bureau predicts that by 2043 our nation will be a majority-minority nation. Therefore, the future leaders of the church and of our country are growing up in an extremely multi-cultural and multi-ethnic world.  These projections combined with the current racial and cultural tumult make the need for doctrinally-sound, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, kingdom-minded, and laborer-reproducing churches painfully obvious.  The good news is that the gospel is sufficient for this need.  In Ephesians 2:11-22, the Apostle Paul argues that the gospel fundamentally obliterates racism.  God has reconciled those who trust in Christ to Himself and to one another through the King’s Cross.  Those who were once enemies have now become family.  Therefore, the church always has the opportunity to lead the way through racial and cultural challenges by living out the reconciling power of the gospel.

We hope, by the grace of God and the power of the Spirit, to not only be this kind of
church, but to be a church that plants and revitalizes these kinds of churches.



At King's Cross we want to faithfully live out the values most clearly revealed in God’s Word.  These are not necessarily unique to us, but they are what we are most passionate about.   We trust that prioritizing these values will lead to a healthy and reproducing church.

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 “God intends for
the church to be the funeral home for racism.”

Clint Darst | Lead Pastor


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