Community Groups & Missions

IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNITY (John 13:34-35; Eph. 2:11-22)

Through the gospel, we go from isolation and disunity into a beautiful adoption that provides us purpose, community and acceptance, as members of God's own household.  And the Lord's family doesn't all look the same either, rather, it is a diverse population, from various ethnicities, cultures, ages, nationalities, etc.  Our sincere desire is that our faith family would display the power of the gospel to bring deep unity and friendships to people with very different backgrounds.  We believe that when the gospel is properly proclaimed and applied in a diverse community, a new family is formed around Christ and His gospel.  


COMMUNITY GROUPS – What Should They Look Like?

A major part in establishing gospel-centered community involves our weekly Community Groups.  These groups meet in people's homes to show that the gospel can bring together those who may not naturally spend time together.  A typical gathering includes food, fellowship, sharing, a bible study/discussion, and prayer.  Groups may also partner together for local missions/service projects to make an impact in our great city.

Spring 2019 - Community Groups Information

Our new session of community groups is about to kick-off!  Listed below, you'll find all the information you need regarding groups, including directions, and the option to REGISTER for your desired group.  If you have questions, feel free to directly reach out to our community group leaders, or Pastor Jeremy, who oversees this crucial ministry.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 1.01.59 PM.png


GROUP 1: Jeremy Cooper's
Location: Larry and Shannon Brown's
Time: Sun. @ 6:30pm

GROUP 2: Clint Darst's
Location: Clint and Rachel Darst's
Time: Sun. @ 6:00pm

GROUP 3: BT Burke's
Location: BT and Jessica Burke's
Time: Sun @ 6:00pm

GROUP 5: Jon Cage's/Charles Woods’
Location: The Weiss’
Time: Tues. @ 6:30pm

GROUP 7: Hez Cunningham-Bey's
Location: Hezekiah and Tajua Cunningham-Bey
Time: Sun. @ 6:00pm

GROUP 4: Luke Vandall's
Location: Luke and Shannon Vandall's
Time: Thurs. @ 6:30-8pm

GROUP 6: Brandon Tuck's
Location: Ruth and David Broxterman
Time: Sun. @ 6:00pm

GROUP 8: Eric Pruitt’s
Location: The Pruitt’s
Time: Sun. @ 6:30PM


Followers of Christ are missionaries for Christ. God has sovereignly determined our birth date and our address (Acts 17:26) so that we might know Him and make Him known (Mt. 28:18-20).   Our goal is to see all of our members equipped to faithfully engage the community that God has called them to.


This group is our primary ministry to women at King's Cross.  Our Missional Women gather throughout the year to enjoy times of fellowship, biblical instruction, or missions activities to serve our community and to promote the gospel.  Cindy Cage is the primary contact for this ministry offering.  Below we have several of their upcoming events:

  • MISSIONAL WOMEN FALL KICK-OFF - Saturday, Sept. 8th, 9-11am

  • FALL BIBLE STUDY (Matt. 5-7) - Wednesday, Sept 12TH, 9-11am; running 6 weeks total ending on Oct 17th

  • Christmas Gathering - Saturday, Dec 1st, 9-11am